Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Robots" -- The finished movie.

So here's the finished version of my first ever animation. It took me roughly 3 weeks, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 95 individual drawings to put this together. Even though a lot of hard work went into the creation of this animation, be forewarned--this is NOT a Disney & Pixar animation, so please watch this with low expectations, lol. In the end, the creation, development and processing of "Robots" was a very fun experience. It was challenging, but wholly rewarding nonetheless.

Time permitting, I hope to develop my "animation muscles" and create more "Robot" episodes. BTW, the version I am posting is an edited/truncated version :-)

"Jim Tressel"

Another big name coach, another big name program, another sordid affair involving star athletes receiving improper benefits while coach(es) turn(s) a blind eye. Sounds like business as usual in big-money collegiate athletics. While this sort of nonsense isn't surprising in the least bit, it still amazes me how often these guilty coaches are able to circumvent both blame and punishment by simply claiming ignorance and conveniently resigning as shit begins to hit the fan.

I can't help but feel sorry for those legit student-(first)-athletes-(second) who, via association to the sullied program, are impacted by the foolishness because of a few selfish teammates and coaches who are inept and prejudiced toward star athletes. This dude Jim Tressel is officially now suite-mates with Jim Calhoun, Pete Carroll, and the king of "crookedness" himself, John Calipari. If a coach--who is an administrative official representing a school--can "dismiss" a student-athlete for reasons relating to, but not limited to, failing to live up to the coach's expectations, then I think it's more than fair for student-athletes and the student body at large to be able to "dismiss" a coach for failing to promote "an atmosphere of compliance."


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Part 1 of a 2 panel comic that I did concerning Osama. I'll upload the second panel if I ever get around to scanning it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Robots"--dun, dun, dunnnn...

I'm presently working on a series of short animations (old school style) in my Experimental animation class that will feature robots engaged in all manner of silliness. My hope is that these animations will become a continuous affair. Here's a pic of one of my robotic characters...

As you can see, he's an angry lil fella, lol.

Also, here's a very short clip (emphasis on short) from episode 1:

Believe it or not, it took 18 individual drawings to get that 3 second animation, sighhh...lol.

Anyway, I should be completing "episode 1 and 2" of the series within the next few days, so stay tuned :-)